Happiest moments is a pioneer in personalised gifting products, boasting of more than 400 exclusively designed and customised gifts.

a)Choose your Design
b)Upload your Photo
c)Enter Message, if any.
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Click on the links below to view the videos which will show you how you can design our different products. You can add backgrounds, frames, cliparts, text and lots more to design your products your way

Generally, most photos taken on latest models of digital cameras are suitable. Mobile phone photos may be unsuitable unless resolution is high. Images of at least 300dpi should be used for good quality print. As a rough guideline, images of at least 4MB should be used for smaller products like keychains and mugs, while larger products like posters and canvases may require at least 10MB and above. You will be alerted with a red triangular alert if the image used is of a low resolution. Kindly verify your design before adding to cart.

JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) and PNG NOTE: Whenever you upload to Photoland, only a copy is actually placed in your account. Your original digital photo remains unchanged on your computer.

Our talented designers will curate your photos and make a photo book for you. Buy it only if you like it!
a)Your designed book will be ready for review in just 7 business days.
b)You are in full control. Order the designed book as is, or personalize it with your captions and finishing touches.
c)Choose your size and model. Provide up to 300 quality photos for a Professional photo album and provide up to 200 quality photos for an Easy photo book and also your special instructions.

Your projects or photo albums are stored only for 30 days from the date of creation/last usage.

Yes. You will be notified if your payment is successful on the website. In most cases your bank will also send a sms.

If you wish to cancel your Photoland account, please write to [email protected]

Kindly take a photo of the parcel before opening it. Then check if the product inside the parcel is damaged too. If yes, take a photo of the product as well. Email us the photo of the parcel (and product if damaged) together with the details of the courier acknowledgment receipt at [email protected]. Our customer service team will be in contact with you. You may be requested to send the order back to the return address. A complaint needs to be made within 10 days of receipt of the product in order to avail the refund.